Unlocking the the Value of a Building’s Structure

Concrete is one of the best materials to store thermal energy. Yet, the concrete used in almost all buildings lies dormant and adds little to the actual operation of the building. TermoBuild allows the structure of the building to realize significant value through timely storage and release of captured thermal energy for both heating and cooling the building.

This method has proven to provide best of class performance at a cost that is significantly less than a multitude of other more complex Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).

In fact, TermoBuild can help remediate projects that are over budget, and accommodate owners with limited capital resources (e.g. schools).

TermoBuild enables the building to harness free thermal energy based on the time of day. Buildings can take advantage of night and daytime opportunities to capture advantageous temperature deltas to “charge” the concrete floor slabs.

This captured thermal energy can then be used to heat or cool the building – largely using fans versus turning on the HVAC system itself. TermoBuild’s design avoids mid-day premium time of use charges. Turning off the HVAC chillers during this period does not compromise comfort.


Todd Hentnick

Todd is a professional with 25+ years experience in engineering, contracts management, and business development. He joined Termobuild to help the AEC industry, developers, and building owners reach their energy efficiency and sustainability goals while achieving stronger financial outcomes.