Hotels and Motels – Increasing Profit, Energy Efficiency, and Guest Comfort

Integrated Thermal Storage Ventilation captures the thermal opportunities in a hotel/motel to “charge” the concrete floor/ceiling slabs.

This captured thermal energy from people, equipment, and fresh outside air can then be used to heat or cool the building, largely using fans vs. the HVAC system.

Conserve energy and enhance guest comfort with seamless integration with existing guest engagement and comfort systems.

The highest standards or indoor air quality for post-pandemic disease prevention and guest comfort.

Most of the year TermoBuild’s systems work like a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS). DOAS help to flush the indoor air and ventilation system from contaminants, odors, staleness, mold and microbial germs that affect the health and comfort of the building occupants. Flu outbreaks can spread throughout a closed system in a building creating a potentially dangerous or deadly situation for some occupants.