Retrofitting Buildings for High Performance, Occupant Wellness, Comfort and Safety

Annually 1.7 million square metres of hollow core slabs are manufactured in Canada and it is estimated that 50 million square metrers have been installed in Canada since its first use in 1962 and 3X to 5X that in the US. This represents a significant retrofit opportunity; retrofits where hollow core planks are found in existing buildings can instantly elevate a buildings performance, adding comfort and resilience along with energy efficiency while reducing environmental footprint.

Where reductions in heating/cooling systems from 40% to 48% can be demonstrated, and with the addition of simplified controls, this type of retrofit is realistic. Evaluation of existing conditions can be carried out to establish meaningful recommendations on short and long term benefits using cost and payback as a reference.

Hollow core pre-cast concrete slabs are already commonly used as the floors and roofs for the construction of commercial, institutional and industrial building as well as residential buildings spanning from office buildings, educational buildings, condos, medical facilities, warehouses and others.

Pairing them in a thermo-active ventilation system becomes a natural progression and extension of the already established construction technology.

Integrated Thermal Storage ventilation also provides year-round radiant comfort and fresh outside air circulation without the energy use penalty inherent with dedicated outdoor air system equipment.

Main objective: Instantly simplify the most complex parts of building and energy infrastructure design.

This new and proven paradigm shifts focus from concrete as a commodity to a smart asset set to gain the financial and environmental edge over usually expected outcomes.