School Building Design for Ultra Efficiency and Cost Reduction

The TermoBuild Advantage: Analysis of cost models for schools

Man indoor comfort systems are now on the market, and all of them can benefit from being paired with TermoBuild’s Integrated Thermal Storage Ventilation.

The cost comparison below assumes that a typical educational building follows a predictable peak occupancy pattern of 8am to 5pm on weekdays, with some limited occupancy in the morning and from 6pm to midnight for janitorial activity.

Based on this pattern, we show the capital, operating and maintenance advantages of integrating TermoBuild.

Capital, Operating, and Maintenance Costs for a 100,000 Sq.Ft. School

*Cost savings to maintain and operate 1,000 TermoBuild enables shools over a 25 year period equals $14.4 billion in savings. (Based on BOMA references and TermoBuild actual performance factors.)

TermoBuild vs. conventional building
Energy use per sq.ft.

Energy Costs for California Schools (per student per year)

*Source: EPA

Savings may vary because of climate and building chararcteristics But the the California example shows that TermoBuild offers a compelling business case for other states.